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Iyengar yoga classes

July 19, 2017
by Jayne

No class on Sat July 22

Please note that there will be no class on Saturday, July 22nd at Yoga In Salt Spring (238 Park Drive). Class will resume on Tues July 25 at the SSI Wellness Centre (120 Hereford Ave, Ganges.)


See you soon!


July 13, 2017
by Jayne

Iyengar Yoga Workshop: Loosen Up Indoors-Outdoors

YOGA STUDIO -170626-2048x1060 1If you’ve ever had a massage and come out feeling light-limbed, as if you were walking on air, you’ll appreciate the experience of loosening up the body. Creating space in the joints, finding suppleness in those parts of the body we are always bending – knees, elbows, arms, hips. This workshop, both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting), will focus on stretching the body using simple props and working on easy poses. The workshop is suitable for beginners and those with experience.

Date: Thursday, July 27

Time: 5-7:15pm

Place: 238 Park Drive, Ganges

Cost: $40

RSVP: / Tel: (250) 538-1716

May 9, 2017
by Jayne

Iyengar Workshop on Feet: Thurs, June 1 from 5:00pm-7:15pm

Feet, feet, feet! We expect them to hold us up day after day, and rarely give them a thought. Then we discover fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, calcanealIMG_1894a spurs, bunions, and other uncomfortable conditions. In this workshop we will focus on foot health, from foot massage to some nifty foot exercises, and how to build from the feet up in our poses.

Please join me on Thursday, June 1 from 5:00-7:15pm with a short break for herbal tea at:

Yoga In Salt Spring, 238 Park Drive, Ganges, V8K 2R6  Tel: (250) 538-1716.

Payment by cheque or cash can be dropped off in advance, or call with a credit card to secure a spot. It is a small studio, so do plan in advance to be sure you have a space.

See you soon!


“If one wants a good garden, he needs to tend it each day. The moment he stops taking care of it, it dries up.Body is like a garden. So one has to take care of it through discipline each day and tend it carefully, in a right way.” B.K.S. Iyengar

March 25, 2017
by Jayne

Workshop for Gardeners: Earth Day – Saturday, April 22

This is for all you gardeners who love to feel the earth in your hands, creating, planting, growing, digging, and working the land. Weeding can be hard on your lower back; your hands may grip the tools too firmly; you jar your shoulders as you dig the shovel in; your hips may stiffen with continual bending down. And how is your balance? Your strength? Flexibility?

Luckily Iyengar yoga has the recipe for gardeners, with hip openers, shoulder mobility work, hand stretches and of course, hanging upside down.

Please join me on Earth Day 2017, Saturday April 22nd, from 4:00-6:15pm for an Iyengar Yoga Gardeners’ Workshop, with a break for herbal tea and dried fruit mid-session.

Cost: $40.00. Please call (250) 538-1716 to confirm your spot with a credit card, or drop in the cash/cheque to 238 Park Drive, Ganges.

Any questions, send me an email at I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

February 2, 2017
by Jayne

Heart-Opening Workshop: Sunday February 19th, 2:00-4:15pm

YOGA IN NAMIBIA 11February is a month of anticipation. With winter behind us and spring just around the corner, warm sunny days are on the horizon.  Valentine’s Day sets hearts aflutter….we catch a little taste of Spring fever this month. We get dizzy at the thought of spring. This is the perfect time to open your heart.

Join me for a Heart-Opening Workshop on Sunday afternoon, February 19th, from 2:00 to 4:15pm. Chest-openers and back extensions will help us open our hearts, both physically and emotionally, ready to let in a feeling of lightness and contentment.

Cost: $40

Please call to register at (250) 538-1716 and provide a credit card number or drop off a cheque/cash at 238 Park Drive, Ganges.

January 18, 2017
by Jayne

Summer Schedule at YogaInSaltSpring

Summer Iyengar yoga sessions at YogaInSaltSpring:

The summer yoga sessions run regularly with 3 weekly classes at Hedgerow House, 238 Park Drive,  Ganges:

  • Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30pm Level I/II $20
  • Thursdays from 5:00-6:15pm  Beginner and Level I $18
  • Saturday from 5:00-6:15pm All Levels – Drop in $18

We use the ropes and a variety of props for standing poses, inversions, twists, forward bends and back extensions. The emphasis is bringing together the breath and the mind’s focus as we go deeply into the poses. A great way to relieve stress, to become more mindful and to re-energize the body. Iyengar yoga is for all ages and abilities. Beginners are welcome.




December 30, 2016
by Jayne

Teaching Yoga in Bali

We travelled to Bali in November while Yoga In Salt Spring was closed. Jayne spent several weeks teaching yoga at the Gaia Oasis foundation, as well as at an elementary school and an orphanage. It is heart-warming to teach young children with their playfulness and enthusiasm for every pose, as well as their ability to lie completely still dsc_6492 dsc_6483in Savasana for 10 minutes without stirring. They were a delight to teach.

October 20, 2016
by Jayne

Yoga Studio to reopen January 2017

Yoga In Salt Spring will close until January 2017 while we take a fall break.  We are travelling with our mats, of course, and will visit Iyengar studios wherever we can. Until then, my Tuesday 11:15am class at the Salt Spring Wellness Centre will continue, with November and December classes being taught by long-time Iyengar instructor, Susan Bull. Please do join her on the mat.

See you in January!

August 22, 2016
by Jayne

Yoga Workshop: Sun, Sep 18th 4:00-6:15pm Strengthen Your Core

IMG_2047Strong abdominals lead to a strong back. Join me for a workshop focusing on strengthening your core. Standing, seated, supine and inverted postures will take us through just over two hours of practice, with a pause for mint tea.

Space is limited and we have a small studio, so please register in advance by dropping off a cheque or calling in with your credit card number.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 18th at 4pm.

Cost: $40.00

Studio: YogaInSaltSpring

Location: 238 Park Drive, Ganges.

Telephone: (250) 538-1716

July 23, 2016
by Jayne

Yoga Workshop – Detox with Twists – Thursday, August 4, 2016

Twists are healthy for the body: they aid digestion, reduce lower back pain, help keep the spinal muscles mobile, and detox the body. And did I mention that twists also alleviate stress? Treat your mind and body to a blissful two hours when you sign up for my next workshop at YogaInSaltSpring.

Thursday, August 4 : 4:00pm – 6:15pm.

We will take a short break to sip herbal tea midway.

Cost $40. We accept cash, cheque or credit cards.

Please contact me to reserve your space: / (250) 538-1716