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The 2019 Season wraps up

It has been my pleasure to teach all of our students at Yoga in Salt Spring this year. Teaching is my learning! We have offered a full schedule of three classes per week from February until the end of October, in addition to a monthly workshop. Each workshop offers students the opportunity to go deeper and explore a particular aspect of yoga, we’ve studied hip-openers and twists, joints and feet. Hedgerow House B&B also hosted five yoga retreats this year, some with visiting Iyengar yoga teachers bringing their own students, and some taught by me and attended by students from as far afield as Holland, Montreal and Los Angeles.

During the winter months Peter and I will be travelling through SE Asia, and volunteeering in Bali. I’ll be teaching yoga and Peter will be working in recycling in a foundation on the north shore of the island. In India I will studying Iyengar yoga in Rishikesh, with Usha Devi and in Goa with Fr Joe Pereira. I look forward to returning to the 2020 season revitalized and ready to share my new learnings.

Wishing you all a nurturing and peaceful winter season, when I hope you have time to deepen your own yoga practice. I am happy to answer questions via email: [email protected]

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