Workshop: Poses for a Healthy Heart

Please join me for the last workshop in 2017: Poses for a Healthy Heart – Saturday, November 4th, 2017 from 4pm-6:15pm

We all need to take care of our hearts, yet perhaps poor posture, anxiety, or our routine activities are rounding our upper backs, and our hearts are sinking.

This workshop will help us to open our hearts, extend the front of the body, take the shoulders back, lengthen the spine, and help to reverse the pull of gravity. There will also be some ‘take away’ ideas for poses you can do at home with a simple set up.

Please join me on Saturday, November 4th from 4pm-6:15pm (an hour earlier than the usual class time) at Yoga in Salt Spring, 238 Park Drive, Ganges.

Cost: $40.00.

Please pre-register : you can email me at, call (250) 538-1716 or send an e-transfer. I accept credit cards, cheques and cash.

Looking forward to seeing you then. Namaste!