Jayne teaches Iyengar yoga classes on Salt Spring Island, BC. Iyengar yoga is a form of hatha yoga that is easy for most students to access.  Whether you’re new to yoga, still in the early stages, or looking to learn more advanced poses, Iyengar yoga has something for you. In Iyengar yoga we use props such as bricks, straps, blankets and bolsters to help students attain poses or ‘asanas’ safely. Iyengar yoga emphasizes precision and alignment to integrate the body, mind and breath.

To become a certified Iyengar teacher, student teachers follow a training program that lasts 3-5 years. You can be sure that you are in good hands with a safe, experienced instructor when you choose an Iyengar yoga teacher.

When BKS Iyengar published his famous book Light On Yoga in 1966, in which he details over 200 poses, he introduced people around the world to yoga . ‘Guruji’, as his students called him, practised yoga daily until his death in August 2014 at the age of 95. BKS Iyengar left an immense legacy: Time Magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2004.

Here are several resources to help you find out more about Iyengar yoga.