Yoga in Salt Spring

Iyengar yoga classes

Online Schedule – during COVID-19

Iyengar yoga sessions go online at YogaInSaltSpring:

Instead of our yoga studio offering weekly classes in Ganges on Salt Spring, students can find a new online class uploaded to Yoga in Salt Spring on YouTube each week. These classes are complimentary and designed for all levels of yoga students.

Online classes use simple props to help with standing poses, inversions, twists, forward bends and back extensions. The emphasis is bringing together the breath and the mind’s focus as we go deeply into the poses. A great way to relieve stress, to become more mindful and to re-energize the body. Iyengar yoga is for all ages and abilities.

Try out an Iyengar yoga class to experience the benefits of yoga: strength, balance, the ability to prioritize, and you’ll learn to meditate.


When life gets back to pre-COVID ‘normal’, we plan to host regular workshops as well as visiting teachers, so keep checking back for news.

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