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BKS Iyengar first introduced props about 50 years ago when he realized that a common household item like a brick or a belt, a blanket or a chair, could help yoga students to reach a pose more easily.  Can’t reach your toes? – take a belt. Have difficulty sitting up straight? – sit on a folded blanket. Since that time a whole industry has grown up around props of all shapes, sizes, materials and budgets – although to be prop-free is our ultimate goal.  At our studio you’ll find a diversity of props to help with your practice.

Once you become a regular student of Iyengar yoga you’ll also get creative at home. You can use stairs, dining room chairs, pillars, kitchen counters and all manner of household furniture to assist you in yoga asanas. Don’t think you always have to be in the studio and in class to practice yoga. Integrate it into your daily life, and you’ll soon see how it becomes a part of you. Regular practice can boost your energy, improve your endurance, and help you to find quiet.


“Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.”
B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

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